How to heal the body with oxygen?

Who would have thought this possible that such a vital and necessary gas

could be the key to a healed and healthy body?

We inhabit an incredible place. It is none other than our own body. Probably the most fascinating thing to learn is how our body works, so you can have control over your own health and wellbeing. Every tiny aspect of what you do to your body/mind through various normal functions such as breathing, digestion, metabolism, elimination, assimilation, eating, drinking, exercise and sleep, all can have an enormous cumulative effect on how healthy your actually are. How you think and feel also has an impact on our body, be it positive or negative.

Our body is designed to heal itself in several ways. The most basic way is via a strong and robust immune system. The most basic way to achieve and maintain a healthy immune system is via strong blood flow which has been nourished with oxygen.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to heal the body with oxygen.

What exactly is oxygen and how does oxygen heal the body?

At its most basic, oxygen is a gas. It is tasteless, colourless and odourless.

In humans, our body mass consists of 65 percent of oxygen. It has been found that normal blood oxygen levels need to be between 94 to 98 percent. When or if you fall below 90 percent, this is considered dangerous to maintaining life. Therefore, a substantial flow of oxygen needs to be maintained to sustain life.

How does oxygen get around the whole body to make sure life is maintained?

Oxygen flows around the body through the process of breathing. If you do not breathe correctly then your oxygen levels will be depleted. It has been found that so many diseases are the result of oxygen depletion.

“Disease lives in places where oxygen is deficient.” Anon

People with high inflammation, cancer, arthritis, muscular issues, respiratory diseases, etc are all the result of such oxygen depletion.

So, really, the key to optimum health at its most basic level, is to be able to breathe correctly. And because of this we will concentrate on this aspect in this article.

Knowing this important aspect of how to heal the body with oxygen, there are now many therapies that incorporate oxygen healing procedures. A quick way to get more oxygen into the system is through: hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This is quick and effective; however, it does not offer the long term and lasting effects of training yourself in how to breathe correctly.

How Does Oxygen Healing Work?

Breathing oxygen stimulates the healing and growth of new tissues and bones.

As blood flow circulates oxygen, the whole body is soaked with extra nourishment that every cell, organ, tissue and muscle and bone, needs, in order to operate effectively. Getting sufficient oxygen also helps in killing bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. That’s why oxygen is the main component in healing wounds and infections.

Let’s now look at some of the most prominent wats to trin yourself to breathe correctly so that you can learn to heal your body more efficiently and effectively.

Breathing Exercises that help boost oxygen

Lung Helpline respiratory therapist Mark Courtney explains that our lungs are springy, like the door. Over time, though, with asthma and especially COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), our lungs lose that springiness. They don’t return to the same level as when you start breathing. So, the air gets trapped in our lungs.

That trapped air can become stale, this can and keep building up. We use our diaphragm to breathe correctly. This build-up of stale air leaves little room for the diaphragm to contract and bring in fresh oxygen. While the diaphragm is not working properly, the body starts to use other muscles to aid in the breathing process. This leads to the majority of people breathing shallowly, and hence raise their shoulders to take deep breaths. This then becomes a habit which trains their body/mind to continue to breathe incorrectly. Which translates into lower oxygen levels and fewer reserves for exercise and activity. In the majority of cases people learn to breathe shallowly when in states of stress. (See this article for how this has developed over time).

3 Minute Breathing Process - Wellness That Works

If you continue to breathe incorrectly, this then can lead to all kinds of illnesses. So, learning correct breathing exercises, if practiced regularly, can aid the lungs in getting rid of accumulated stale air. This will help in increasing oxygen levels and help the diaphragm to return to its job and help you breathe. It will help heal your body when it comes back to stasis.

Take a look below where we list a few easy breathing exercises, which can be practiced anywhere at your leisure.

Breathing with Pursed Lips

See this short video. Breathing with Pursed Lip:

In this short video, this exercise helps in reducing the number of breaths you take.
It aids in keeping your airways open for longer. Hence, more air can flow in and out of your lungs, and, you can be more physically active.

To practice it, simply breathe in through your nose, and breathe out (for at least two times as long as the in-breath) through your mouth, while your lips are pursed.

Diaphragm Breathing

See this short video Diaphragm Breathing

diaphragm breathing - wellness that works

Like pursed-lip breathing, start by breathing through your nose.
Pay attention to your stomach area/lower abdomen, how it fills up with air.

You can try putting a book, or a hand on your stomach, to see how your stomach is raised or lowered with each breath. Now breathe out from your mouth for the count of two or three times long than the time you take to inhale. (This is about getting the stale air out of the lungs.)

Alternate Nostril Breathing

This breathing exercise is a part of yoga practice. It regulates your nervous system. Helps lower blood pressure. It aids in improving breathing. It also helps in lowering anxiety and stress. This exercise is the best way to heal your body and give a boost of fresh oxygen.

– Steps to do Alternate Nostril Breathing:

1. Sit calm and quiet somewhere and clear your mind. Empty all thoughts.

2. Bring your right hand to your nose and put your thumb on your right nostril
    while resting your index and middle finger on your forehead.

3. Inhale slowly from your left nostril while keeping your eyes closed until
     you feel full.

4. Focus on your inhaling and let all the thoughts go.

5. Hold in breath for 10 seconds (for beginners 3 seconds and gradually increase)

6. Now put your ring finger on your left nostril and exhale from your right nostril
    slow and steady.

7. Take 2 seconds rest let it set in.

8. Now inhale from your right nostril while keeping your ring finger on the
    left nostril the same way, slow and steady.

9. Hold in your breath as you did before.

10. Exhale slowly from your left nostril while putting your thumb on the
      right nostril.

Repeat the process two to three times more.

Alternate nostril breathing - wellness that works

**Research shows that practicing this exercise for at least 10 minutes, will bring the most benefits, and, you instantly feel energized.

You can see that it takes only minutes each day to transform your poor breathing habits and to train your body/mind to breath correctly, so that you increase blood flow, and get more precious life-giving oxygen into your system, so you can heal your body more easily. How cool is that? And it is free!

Way forward

What are your going to do to help heal your body with one or more of these easy-to-do breathing exercises? They are easy to do and free. How much time will you devote to improving your health with these simple exercises?

Most people can do breathing exercises at home easily. If you have a severe health condition, we would recommend you consult your doctor first. In some instances, you may need special medications or supplements such as Vitamin C to enhance your progress.

We wish you well on your journey to healing the body. Make sure your use what is freely available first, after you have done your own research.


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