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How to Increase Wellbeing – Using Personal Development Strategies

By Celine Healy

improve wellbeing – wellness that works

Do you feel you are losing control?

Over your work? Your Life?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Exhausted and have no energy to complete tasks?

You seem to be at a standstill and are not achieving what you desire?

Helping people feel successful in every aspect of their lives is what this Personal Development Blog: Wellness That Works – is all about.

From years of observation and experience I have discovered that the main areas of career women’s lack of success are, that they have lost their self-confidence, and have developed low self-esteem.

How to Develop Personal Success in Life

develop business success -wellness that works

People want to feel successful.

But sometimes things keep holding them back.

They don’t know what to do?

They don’t know where to turn?

People discover personal development when they need help.

They present with symptoms of lack of wellbeing.

Their quality of life is diminished and they are not achieving the things they desire.

The symptoms of lack of wellbeing are many and varied.

You may have:

– lack of self-confidence
– be stressed
– feel anxious
– feel depressed or feel out of control
– or lack energy to complete tasks… or something else.

All of these issues are based in stress and how you respond to a stressor trigger or a stressful event.

Stress is at The Basis of Lack of Success

stress means lack of success – wellness that works

Celine’s definition of stress:

“You are stressed if you are:
– stuck in a rut
– struggling to achieve anything
– straining against something or some belief
– have pain or tension anywhere in your body/mind
are coming from a position of lack.”

So, these symptoms: lack of self-confidence, feeling anxious feeling out of control, or, anything else – are an indication of deeper issues that need to be examined.

These deeper issues may be: negative beliefs, experiences, bad habits, negative emotions and attitudes, and so on.

In order to be able to move forward and be successful, we have found that one of the most the most effective
strategies you need to implement first, is, to let go of one, or more, of these underlying issues.

This strategy – needing to let go of one, or more, of these hidden, and often unknown, underlying issues – is at the core of the Wellness That Works Personal Development Blog’s philosophy.

That is why everything we write about, recommend or personally use, highlights this strategy in some way.

How we implement this strategy is by using simple, self-care wellness practices that actually work.

One of the most prominent indications of stress affecting career women is the lack of self-confidence.

Lets’ delve into that issue more deeply.

Lack of Self Confidence is of Primary Importance as an Example of a Symptom of Lack of Wellbeing

When people are stressed, quite often they lose or reduce their self-confidence.

Lacking in self-confidence derives from a low self-image or low self-concept.

Self-concept/image, evolves from both internal and external experiences.

What you think, feel, and say about yourself, forms the basis of the aspect of your internal self-image.

The feedback you get from those around you, forms the basis of the other aspect of your self-image, the external.

Together, both the internal and external aspects you use to evaluate your sense of worth, is the totality of your self-image. In effect these aspects help form your concept of identity.

How you measure your identity, is, via your self-esteem.

If you have a low value of yourself from your own internal experiences, then you will have low self-esteem.

If you also over-value what other people think and say about you, and rely constantly on having positive feedback from them, this will also lead to you having low self-esteem.


Because if those people start giving you negative feedback, you will crumble.

So, together, the summation of the internal and external evaluation of self, will necessarily lead you to the conclusion that you are “lacking” in value as a worthwhile person. This then leads to a feeling of low or high, self-confidence, value or worth.

So, if you wanted to improve your wellbeing, which one would you work on first? The internal or the external?

Well. You cannot control what others say or feel about you, the external.

So, the obvious choice is: you need to work on the internal.

The internal is made up of: hidden, underlying issues, negative beliefs, experiences, interpretations, coping strategies, attitudes, negative emotions and bad habits – some of which will need to be worked on to improve your overall wellbeing.

In essence you will need to be able to let go of, and move on, from some of these things that are holding you back from being successful.

So, if one of the symptoms of non-success/lack of wellbeing, is lack of  self-confidence, and, indeed, there are so many more… if you work on  what drives that “lack” in your life, and release one or more of those hidden, underlying issues, then you will come to a more positive end result. A better you. Whatever that result is, that you personally, identify with, and want to achieve.

You will then be able to eliminate some elements that keep you stuck in failure, or non-success.

This is what this Personal Development Blog: Wellness That Works is all about: how to help you become more successful in any area of your life, by using simple self care strategies, natural remedies, and utilising scientifically researched and proven well strategies, that work!

Let’s look at a couple of these strategies now.

Examples of Self Care Wellness Strategies That Work

As I mentioned we use simple self care wellness strategies that work.

At the basis of these strategies is the notion of needing to let go of one, or more, of these underlying issues that have been identified.

At the basis of this claim is that stress, and what comprises stress responses, is the cause of these symptoms.

Our overall objective is to help you gain control over how you respond to stress, stressor triggers or stressful events. Once you can do that you gain back control of many areas of your life.

My two most favourite ways to deal with these hidden, underlying issues are:

  • Hire a therapist – like a kinesiologist, and
  • Learn correct breathing.

The therapist will help you get to those triggering memories or beliefs that keep you stuck.

Correct breathing halts the autonomic response patterns you have trained yourself in, which keep you repeating reactive responses.

Correct breathing helps you move to a more responsive approach

I personally use both strategies.

A Summary of How Wellness That Works Personal Development Blog Can Help You Heal

How You Can Transform Your Overall Wellbeing – An Aspect of The Quality of Your Life – has been summarised in this diagram.

  1. Articulate your desires/goals
    What do you want to achieve?
    Get rid of?
    Be more/have more of?
    Increase/transform or improve in your life?
  2. You then choose simple self-care wellness strategies, natural remedies, and scientifically proven tools and techniques, that will improve one or more aspects of your body/mind
  3. This will lead to improvement in one or more of these body/mind aspects
  4. Physical health
    Mental health
    emotional health
    spiritual health
  5. Improving these aspects leads to A State of Overall wellness
  6. To achieve that final level – you need to be well on several Levels
  7. This then leads to an increased feeling of Wellbeing
  8. Wellbeing is an aspect of the Quality of Life– so an improvement or an increase in the feeling of wellbeing leads to:An Improvement in Your Overall Quality of Life

In that way you will have transformed your life from “lack” to one of success.

Where to Next?

Welcome to our philosophy.

That is the approach of this Personal Development Blog: Wellness That Works: helping people achieve their personal development goals, by writing about, highlighting and recommending simple self-care wellness
strategies that actually work!

We do hope you enjoy these articles and find natural remedies that will help you improve and increase your overall wellbeing.

Blessings on your journey to experience the benefits of improving your personal development skills.

We wish you well to finally feeling successful.

Wellness That Works

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