Have you noticed lately how easily you react to an event that triggers your explode button? Or.
If someone says something that is untrue, or is just blatant lies, that you go off immediately?
Have you noticed yourself becoming emotional more easily and more quickly, especially within the vax/pro-choice debate, or if you have been personally affected?

The point here is this: if you are so quick to anger or rage or any negative feeling about any topic, then this is keeping you stuck in fear, what I call: below the line. When you are stuck in fear you are more easily able to be influenced or manipulated.

When you are trapped in negativity you are trapped in fear and you virtually have no control over your responses. If you are choosing to be: above the line, (see diagram below) coming from a position of love, then you do have choice over your reactions, and therefore, you are in a position of empowerment. YOU will not be easily influenced by any narrative.

The main topic of this article is: how do we gain empowerment so that we do have real choice over our automatic responses?

We are going to start at the end result, showing you what empowerment looks like. And then we will work back to show you how you became disempowered. In that way you will come to an easy understanding of which state you would prefer to be in, and how you might go about achieving that state.

What is Empowerment?

According to the Oxford Dictionary “empowerment” means: ‘the act of giving somebody more control over their own life or the situation they are in.’ In effect, it is about you taking back your authority and autonomy to be able to make rational decisions which are not clouded in fear.

So, what that means is that you become empowered when you gain the knowledge, have the confidence, the motive or the means and the tools, skills and ability to do the things you want, or to make the decisions you need to make, without hindrance.

We know that the governments, during this covid era, have taken upon themselves, to impose restrictions on societies which are foreign to a free and democratic society, and they have placed enormous constraints, on us, or we have imposed them on ourselves as we choose not to mingle with others for fear of infection, or these freedoms have been taken from us, such as:  freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of work, and freedom of bodily autonomy.

The way many people have responded has been predictable, because those in power have trained populations to be fearful of many things. When people come from a position of: fear, they are easier to control, many blindly following orders without question. When you witness this behaviour you can see plainly, that these people are not in control. And many of them do not know how to regain control, nor do many of them even want to.

Suffice it to say, we will not be delving into the socio-political issues of this covid era, as it is not what this article is about. We may reference particular situations that this era has exacerbated, merely to highlight an issue.

So, referencing back to the definition of: empowerment, this article is specifically about how you can gain back control over your life, your emotions, your body/mind and any situation you might find yourself in that is not useful to your growth and happiness on this planet.

Woman empowered wellness that works

Various writers have outlined what an empowered person looks like. We will give you some of these ideas here, so that it triggers a remembering in you, so that you will be compelled to take action in that direction.

What does Empowerment look like?

This article links back to the article on vibrational healing, whereby you know when your vibration or energy is improving because of the following senses:

  1. You will feel more empowered when you have a sense of increased self- esteem and confidence
  2. You will be above the line more often and will know how to easily move above that line
  3. You will feel happier and more at peace and have a sense of ease
  4. You will enjoy life more
  5. You will not be caught up in the red emotions: anger, frustration, rage or revenge
  6. You will be able to detach from the fear and be able to see, hear and feel what is the truth in situations
  7. You will not be easily swayed by irrational arguments of people who try to bring you down and entrap you in the narrative
  8. You will tolerate less and always be seeking your truth
  9. You will be able to achieve more positive outcomes in your life
  10. But most of all, you will feel back in control of your present life and your destiny.

Okay. So, that is what an empowerment looks like.

The questions you might ask include: is it hard to achieve? Will it take long? Am I personally able to come back from my disempowered position to reclaim that position once more?

Answer: As soon as you start asking questions about healing the body, mind or spirit, in any small way, this means that there is a glimmer that you are acknowledging that there is an issue that needs resolution. So, that is step one. Acknowledge that you have been trapped in fear, then you need to make a decision that you want to move to a more preferred position.

The truth of the matter is that many people do not realise that they are trapped in fear. They don’t necessarily feel fearful, but they might feel that their grasp on personal authority and autonomy has slipped.

The point I am trying to make here is this: to be able to move to a more preferred position you need to understand the “why and the how” you arrived at this less preferred position. True progress is made when you can make the: “ah ha” statement… ‘Now I understand what has happened. Now I know where this came from. Now I know that this is not my fault and that everyone has the same or similar basic issues.’ What this means is that the “unknown” needs to be made conscious, or you need to have conscious awareness of the underlying causes, before you can truly make positive progress.

So, that is the journey we will take you on next: how did you become disempowered, so that you can choose to make more positive progress towards being back in control and having the life you truly want.

Firstly. let’s look at what disempowerment is.


What is the Definition of Disempowerment?

‘Disempowerment means depriving a person of influence, authority or autonomy such that they are less likely to succeed.’ This is about personal  power. When a person feels or appears to be disempowered, the general consensus is that that person is inferior or inadequate in some way.

When people are coming from a base of fear, they will naturally feel disempowered. If the government deprives a person of their liberty and their natural god given rights and freedoms, then they will feel trapped and therefore feel more fearful. This can then lead to doubt and self judgment, and this will keep a person stuck in unhelpful behaviour patterns that can leave you feeling totally disempowered.

Living in fear can lead to self-sabotaging behaviours. Living: below the line means, you are stuck in negative states and emotions. These emotions are driven by various beliefs about a person’s worth, e.g. not being good enough, not feeling worthy, not feeling love and so on. (You can read about these types of emotions and the symptoms of disease that they can generate in my book titled: How to Boost Success in All Areas of Your Life.)

What are the Effects of Disempowerment?

Disempowerment can lead to discrimination, especially when an individual or a group of people become segregated or become ostracised from others, or by other powerful individuals. This type of behaviour by these more powerful people can actually make the individuals or groups, feel less powerful or less confident.

the effects of disempowerment - wellness that works

What does Disempowerment look like?

Disempowerment necessarily means you are operating below the line for most of your waking, conscious hours. In effect, you are not conscious, and are operating from habit, habit driven from a fearful state.

If you are disempowered, necessarily, you are in a negative emotional state. You can feel: overwhelmed with uncertainty, and fear; you could feel a sense of lack of self-worth, you could feel a less valuable member of society, and you could feel you lack self-value; you may not be able to attract positive people or situations into your life.

Many writers have made lists of the types of negative emotions or states you may notice you are in when you feel disempowered. Here are some examples:

Disempowerment can look and fee like this:

  • You may feel Discomfort
  • Feel Fearful
  • Feel Pain, either emotional, mental or physical or spiritual, as a sense of loss of purpose
  • Feel Anger
  • Feel Frustration easily
  • Feel Disappointment in yourself and others
  • Feel Guilt or Regret in certain situations
  • Feel Inadequate or have Self Doubt.


So, the key question then becomes: how did you/we arrive at this state of severe LACK?

The interesting point about lack of any kind is that means you are stressed.

My definition of stress is:

  • If you are struggling to achieve anything
  • If you are straining against something
  • You are coming from a position of lack
  • If you are in a rut
  • If you are in pain or have tension anywhere in your body/mind

– you are stressed. In effect, as soon as you go out of a positive emotion and into a negative emotion or feeling then you are going into stress.

We will not be discussing stress further other than to say that at the basis of all dis-ease is stress. So, at some stage there will be the need to address issues of stress, whether these are: physical, mental or emotional. 

There are many levels to this question, which needs to eb examined from these aspects: the mental, the emotional, the physical and the spiritual.
And. The overriding condition is the effects of stress on your body, mind, emotions and spirit. (For an in-depth discussion of these aspects you can rad about this in my book titled: How to Let Go and Move on From Things That Hold You Back.)

How to let go wellness that works

How You become Disempowered?

An overview:

There are several layers to being able to heal the body, mind and spirit. In many cases it might be too hard to tackle all of these levels at once. So, as a suggestion, you might like to do one at a time.

You can become disempowered on many levels.

The levels we will look at include:
the spiritual, the mental, the physical and the emotional levels.

For many people the physical is the easiest to tackle first. However, the model of Wellness that Wellness That Works utilizes, is a combination, step-by-step approach. For example, if you have an ongoing physical issue, illness or disease, you will generally find that underlying this dis-ease is a deeply held emotional issue, belief or attitude that needs to be dealt with first, before the body will allow healing to take place. For this reason, we will look at the emotional and mental levels together, yet the physical can be dealt with separately.


When you entered the world as a baby soul, you came to have a human experience. Your birthright and your sole purpose on this earth is to be happy. How you do that is an individual choice.

As a baby your potential, was unlimited. It had no boundaries.

Your environment, and your families’ values and beliefs… shaped your early aura. It took on boundaries. It shrank. As you discovered your identity that further defined your aura.

As you grew, you developed your personality, your beliefs, attitudes and your coping strategies, which you use to navigate through life. These “learned” elements further impinged on your psyche, and your aura shrank even further as you tried to define your identity and place in the world.

As you went out into the world, your concept of self and hence your aura, shrank even further. Societal rules and regulations, your community, your church, your different work environments, the cultural mores, and other external expectations, all worked together to help shape you into a good citizen. You found you had to constantly adjust and adapt to different environments, thus placing more restrictions on being able to express your true self.

How empowered you feel depends on how you feel about yourself, your self-esteem, and how much you rely on outside forces, and the opinions of external people you respect.

Disempowered people are affected by: fear, doubt, judgment, guilt and low self-esteem, and so on.

The less you think of yourself, and for yourself, the more you will believe others’ opinions of who you are, and what you have become.

When you give up your autonomy and rely on external forces and opinions of others, then you start to be fearful.

  • The less you think of yourself
  • And the more you give up your autonomy
  • The more you will rely on external opinions of others

Empowered People Are Successful. They have: self-belief, greater self-esteem, a sense of wellbeing and an improved quality of life. Their aura is strong and vibrant. Their energy is light. Their vibrations are positive and they attract positive people and resources into their life. They have managed, through their thoughts, feelings and actions, to clear out their several chakras, their layers of energy.

You have to work for success wellness that works

So, what this means overall is that they have little or no blockages in various chakra levels.

Lets’ just talk about that for a moment.

Humans are bodies of energy. This energy body vibrates at certain frequencies. The frequencies can be dense or negative or light and positive. As you begin to work on yourself, you will start to clear out these negative frequencies and you will notice yourself becoming lighter and your focus clearer. This means that your frequencies are changing from negative to positive. It also means you will be healing on a spiritual level. Your spirit can be healed by healing your chakras.

The Chakras

As a general concept writers agree that there are seven basic chakras attached to the bulk of the human body. Other spiritual writers and researchers have found that there are many more layers of chakras that surround the body and hence influence all manner of positive or negative energy that you have surrounding you. Some of these chakras contain past life influences or the influences of your parents or relatives, hence you could be trapped within those layers. These layers may contain several beliefs that have been carried forward into your life, or from your ancestors, and which may need to be resolved, before you can begin to have more control over how you live life now.

Let’s look at the meaning of each chakra within the body, because each chakra attracts certain aspects of beliefs and values a person holds about themselves.

The chakras wellness that works

Base Chakra – represented by the colour red – the root chakra deals with family of origin issues, your structure, your blood and bones, muscles and tissues. If you have circulation issues then look out for underlying family of origin issues and beliefs around those items.

Second chakra – represented by the colour orange – around the sexual organs – and this represents your desires and relationships e.g. it also represents the relationship you have with yourself, money and others. Issues around this area can manifest as back pain.

Solar Plexus – the stomach area – represented by the colour yellow – deals with how you project into the outer world. Do you feel adequate? Do you feel good enough? This area is on of the most notable for illnesses which surround competence, digestion, assimilation, processing. I believe every one has stomach issues at some point in time, and I also believe that everyone suffers form the belief of: I am not good enough… at some stage during their lives.

The heart centre – represented by the colour green – deals with heart issues, grief, loss, love, rage, anger and so on.

The throat chakra – represented by the colour blue – deals with issues of communication, are you speaking your truth or coming from a position of truth.

The brow chakra – represented by the colour indigo – deals with issues around clarity, perception and focus.

The crown chakra – at the top of your head – represented by the colour purple – deals with issues of purpose. If you are confused or unclear about your life purpose then this chakra will be affected and display a dense aura.

So, how this works is this: if you are suffering from or dealing with various pains, symptoms or beliefs at any of the lower-level chakras, you will not be  fully cognisant of your true, life purpose and your progress will be hampered. Control is about having self-direction over your destiny. To achieve that you need to have a clear life purpose. If you have issues in any lower chakra, your life purpose will remain unclear. Hence, you lose control or direction.

So, in order to be more spiritually available to lighter frequencies and purer energy and more positive events being attracted into your life, you will need to: detach from negative energy/frequencies which are swirling within your aura, then insert new more positive colours and then cleanse your aura so that you keep safe and protected from these damaging frequencies. (You will see how to do these exercises in my latest book titled: How to Manifest Your Desires Using the Master Key to Success.)

Universe manifesting wellness that works

When you do this chakra cleansing these signs will indicate that your vibration is getting lighter:

10 Signs That Your Vibration Is Getting Higher

  1. You feel lighter, brighter and happier. …
  2. Your senses begin to open up. …
  3. You tolerate less. …
  4. You begin to enjoy your life more. …
  5. Good things happen to you wherever you go. …
  6. Life is fun and easy for you. …
  7. You start to attract what you desire easily …
  8. You become more forgiving

In essence, that is how you can clear your aura, so that you can heal on a spiritual level.


There is sufficient information on the internet for everyone to find data that they can relate to easily.

The general concepts are:

  • Choose more healthful foods
  • drink more clean water
  • Move more – do some kind of exercise
  • Take nourishing supplements that repair the body

My experience is this: if you have an underlying low-grade infection, or never quite get rid of an infection; if you have any disease from the top of your immune system to the bottom, then you need to detoxify, clean out your systems, and then input various vitamins and minerals to help repair the damage you have done to your body/mind over the years. I have found that it is difficult to heal physically, if you have low grade infection that lies dormant and keeps flaring up. It means that residue pathogens are lying dormant in the biofilm, and these need to be flushed out and killed off before any meaningful haling can commence.

An approach that is worth considering, one that I follow is this: if you have many ailments e.g. sinus, stomach issues, bowel problems, candida, sluggish metabolism etc. to me, one of the best approaches is to do the detox or cleanse prior to commencing a vitamin/mineral supplementation programs. Why do I say this? Because if you keep taking supplements into a diseased immune system without the detox, all you are doing is propping up a diseased system, rather than being able to truly heal the immune system from a more cleansed starting position. Something to think about. (We will look at this issue in a later article.)

Mentally and Emotionally:

When you are born you come here as a pure soul without any limitations or negative beliefs about yourself that might hinder your progress through life.
The family of origin you are born into has certain: beliefs, attitudes and habit. The child copies and mimics these behaviours such that they learn how to cope within that environment and adopt strategies to help them survive that particular environment. If these particular coping strategies are activated numerous times, this then leads the child to form beliefs about certain things in that environment. These beliefs etc are then transferred to the outside world and this forms the base of perception of how they are perceived within that world, and how they view others.

The issue is this: these beliefs are generally negative in nature and form the basis of ALL ongoing interactions in the outside world. Many of these beliefs are not useful, culminating in lost opportunities or lost relationships. These early deeply held beliefs become ingrained, and are carried through life, sometimes manifesting as various diseases, if not resolved. (You can learn about these issues and the underlying symptoms in my book titled: How to Boost Success in All Areas of Your Life).

How to Boost Success wellness that works

We will not go into this topic too deeply because these topics are discussed elsewhere on the Wellness That Works website.

Suffice it to say, healing your body/mind is not possible unless and until you deal with some of your most pressing negative beliefs about yourself or about life.

So, in Summary, there are many levels to healing, and you will need to tackle these either one at a time, or choose to do a little from each level.

That is how you became disempowered. This occurs over many levels over a time period. To become empowered you need to unravel these layers you will need to spend considerable time addressing whatever is bothering you on any level.

How to Move Out of Disempowerment and Into Empowerment

You learnt above, the many elements that impinge on your empowerment which led to you becoming disempowered.

The aura shrinks over time because of all of these elements … our goal now is to be able to reverse this situation so you can become empowered once more.

When your aura has shrunk, your self-esteem diminishes. This means your confidence levels reduce. Confidence is key. It is the master state. It is the necessary receptive state you need to be in, before, you can manifest your desires, and become empowered.

When you hand over your power to an external entity such as the government, health officials, or even your doctors, you become a victim.

You can learn how to move out of victimhood and disempowerment and back into empowerment via the following steps. These steps you will find,  in my new book titled: How to Manifest Your Desires Using The Master Key to Success.
How to Manifest Your Desires - wellness that works

As I said, you need to become empowered before you can manifest your desires.

Here are the steps:

Step1: You have to acknowledge that you have a problem. That you have given over your power.

Step 2: You then have to make a decision, that you do want to reclaim your power.

If you don’t make an actual decision then nothing gets done. There is no commitment.

Step 3: You then need to accept that you might need to upskill And. You will need to define what skills you might need.

e.g. You need to learn goal setting techniques – we have a really easy one in the How to Manifest Book

Step 4: Then you need to learn how to manifest. This is a separate technique from the goal setting technique.

Step 5: You then need to learn what the key secret ingredient is, to be able to manifest successfully AND how to implement these techniques.

Step 6: In order to expedite your progress, it can be helpful if you find a group of like-minded individuals, so you can do these manifesting techniques together.

On my journey I discovered that there is a secret Master Key that needs to be unlocked BEFORE you can achieve your goals, or manifest your desires. It is outlined in my book titled: How to Manifest Your Desires Using the Master Key to Success… so you too can benefit from these processes.

The book contains the secret manifesting techniques, together with steps on   how to set and achieve your goals.

Above and Below The Line – The How and the Why You Have Become Stuck in Disempowerment and How to Move into Empowerment

Gaining empowerment Over Stressful States wellness that works

We talked about being above or below the line. Here is a representation of what that means. When you are living in fear, you are living below the line. You are expressing negative emotions. You may be stuck in negative states. This means you are not conscious. You are not present and not aware, and therefore you have no power. This state becomes your default habit. How you respond to stress will keep you stuck below the line.

When you consciously choose to express positive emotions you will be present You will be more conscious and you will be coming from a position of power and awareness. This actually takes effort because you have to overcome your automatic default negative reactions to stressor triggers. When you can do this, i.e. gain more awareness, you will then have control over stressful states. This automatically leads to you gaining control in general.

How you can move from disempowerment, below the line, to empowerment, being above the line, is by healing your body/mind from an holistic approach, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.


Some simple tips for you to help commence your empowerment journey include: commence a daily journal and record things you are grateful for today. These statements of gratitude might include: your house, your health, your family, your job, your mind, your beliefs and so on.

Be kind to yourself with simple self-care practices.

Remember too, that forgiveness of self and others helps you detach from negative frequencies.  Also too, having feelings of self-love and feelings of generosity will all help you move towards empowerment.

Challenge yourself to move towards empowerment.

What action will you take today to help change your life?

How to Become Empowered!

Learn breathing and vibrational
healing exercises to heal the body.

How to become empowered OPT IN -  wellness that works