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Your Must Have Wellness Formula Ingredients – A Wellness Plan

By Celine Healy

you need energy on your wellness plan – wellness that works

You are barely coping.

Dragging your feet around. You feel overwhelmed.
Almost teary at the thought of having to exert anymore energy.

Quite simply you are exhausted to the bone.

I’ve been there too.

You do not have anymore energy to give to anymore tasks.

You need to find how to boost your energy levels.

You need to learn how to boost your energy fast.


You need to, even though you are exhausted, learn how to boost your energy when tired.

The steps that follow will help you understand what to take to boost energy, in a short period of time.


These steps will outline a proven Wellness Plan to help you boost your energy naturally, and help you increase this in an ongoing way.

Let’s get started.


1. Your “Must Have” Wellness Formula Ingredients

If you want to get well, you need to boost your energy on many levels. And. In many cases, redirect the energy you focus on the negatives and the wrongs in your life, and redirect it towards the positives in your life, and to increasing your overall wellness.

And. This may seem hard, to many people, because they have not come across tools that can help them, easily. My objective in this article is to make it easier for you.

your wellness formula ingredients – wellness that works

I hate pain. Especially emotional pain. Why? Because it consumes my energy and keeps me trapped in downward spirals of negativity. It is draining and non-productive.

Because of this, for my readers, I have made it my life’s work, to find the “must have” wellness formula ingredients for you to be able to boost your energy fast, so you can be happier and more productive.

So, what this means is that part of my role is to inform and educate my readers, on why you lack energy, where it stems from and how to overcome these debilitating issues, once and for all.

“Unwellness” stems from lack of energy on many levels

These levels are: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. The quickest way to boost your energy naturally and fast, is to have a wellness plan that combines at least two of those levels at once. To achieve overall wellness, you will need to incorporate all levels, but this can be instigated at a later stage, once you feel better.

So, in summary: your “must have” wellness formula ingredients in your overall wellness plan, must include strategies from at least two of these levels at once.

I have discovered that the first two levels you need to boost energy levels fast, is, you need to address both the physical and the emotional levels together, to achieve the best results.

2. Your Wellness Plan Outlined

In order to explain this more fully I likened this overall wellness plan to building a new house. We need to clean out what has been happening and put in new foundations and strategies that will work better for you. And. They must be easy for you to do. Why? Because you simply do not have the extra energy to add more to your busy schedule.

Firstly, here is an explanation of the basis of ALL lack of energy or mis-directed energy, which has been focused on negative issues, instead of the positives in your life.

your wellness plan – wellness that works

The basis of all lack of energy and hence “unwellness”, is stress, and how you respond to stressor triggers. The effects of stress accumulate within your body/mind and if not attended to, result in symptoms such as dis-ease or disease. The first sign of this can be a lack of energy.

So, this means that, no matter what you do, at some stage you will need to address these stress issues that keep re-occurring in your life, and, which result in lack of energy, or mis-directed energy.

For a very detailed explanation of how stress affects you, where it comes from and what you need to do to reduce stress permanently, see my articles titled: The Ultimate Guide To Letting Go And Moving On (In 2019)

Don’t worry. Addressing the stress is incorporated within these steps below, so that you gain maximum benefit for little input on your behalf

Below I describe an approach to boost energy via the analogy of building a new house.

Your overall Wellness Plan needs to contain these five steps contained within this diagram from my From Stress to Success Model:

from stress to success model of wellness – wellness that works

In order to move out of stress, and hence boost your energy, these five steps will guarantee your success.

  1. Repair – bringing your body back to health 
  2. Release – the root cause of your stress
  3. Renew – increasing your vibration/your energy from negative to positive
  4. Recreate – setting and aligning your goals/finding your true identity
  5. Reclaim- forging your future – being able to attract to you what you desire

So, what this means is that at each level of building that house, the new you, there are things you can be doing, that will help you clear the path to a life of being in flow, and, having more energy overall.

I prefer to start at Number 1 and move through the steps. However, that is not necessary. You can be doing Steps 1,2 and 3 at the same time. Or start at Number 3, go to 2 and then back to 1. Or some other combination.

My only stipulation is that you ignore Steps 4 and 5 initially, and which can to be done in order, at a much later stage.

We will discuss these things later.

Let’s now look at each step separately, using the analogy of building your new house – your body/mind and hence, boosting your energy, naturally.

3. Step 1: REPAIR – How to Boost Energy Levels

When building your new house, the first step is to get the block of land and clear it of all of the trees, rocks and debris, in order to prepare the block for the next stage. Without this step there will be confusion and loss of time and order. Clearing the land is likened to repairing your body/mind in that we help clear your subconscious of some automatic stress response habits that you have ingrained, like tree stumps, and then gain some control over your block of land. We liken this to the first step of my model – REPAIR.

repair your body to boost energy – wellness that works

REPAIR – is where we help you retrain your autonomic nervous system. We also help you heal your heart and REPAIR your physiology. When this happens, you will respond to stressful events differently. This segment in particular, relies on self-monitoring and self-regulation of how you want to feel on an on-going basis. You get to choose, because once you implement this step, the automatic stress response mechanism will be turned down, or off.

repair your heart to boost energy – wellness that works

The biggest single issue that keeps people stressed and therefore trapped in negative, debilitating energy, and which affects you both on the physical and emotional levels, is the fact that you are holding negative energy within your body/mind. This needs to be released so that you can repair your physiology.

This means you need to how to retrain your nervous system to respond to stress differently.

When a stress event occurs, the biggest single physiological response is that people gasp for air. If you are constantly responding to stress in this way, which 95% of people are, this means you have trained your body/mind to do shallow breathing, instead of deep diaphragmatic breathing. This means that your automatic response has been encoded in your muscles and created a synapse, a pattern of behaviour. It also means that you ae stuck in stress-mode, necessarily repeating this pattern of behaviour.

Being stuck in stress mode means, that both physically and emotionally, you are trapped in the negative reminders of particular stress events. So, directing your energy in this way, depletes your energy and keeps you trapped in that downward cycle. It robs you of precious energy, especially since you are not getting sufficient oxygen to operate your body/mind effectively.


Solution: A scientifically proven method, and the best solution, to boost your energy, is to learn how to breathe correctly. This will massively boost your energy levelswithin 30 days. It is a stress reduction technique, that addresses both the physical and the emotional levels at once. It will help you with any issue, particularly boosting energy.


The basis of this process will help you change how you respond to stress, at the same time. How do you do that? (without going into the endless details which you can read elsewhere: My Ultimate Guide to Letting Go)

You simply need to be able to breathe better!

4. Step 2: RELEASE – How to Boost Energy Naturally

Continuing on with the building a new house analogy, in the second step, because all of the gunk lies under the spot where you want to build your new house, your new life, you need to dig down and excavate all of this gunk in order to build your new foundations. This step is step two, of my model – RELEASE.

RELEASE – is where we help you release the major underlying issues affecting your failure/success mechanisms, once and for all. These processes will be facilitator-assisted and will not require great effort on your part. However, you will need to follow the facilitator’s instructions of what you need to do each week. The release work will turbo-charge your results.

break free to boost your energy – wellness that works

The biggest single issue that keeps people stressed and therefore trapped in negative, debilitating energy spirals, and one which affects people at both the emotional and physical levels, is the fact that you are holding in your body/mind, negative energy associated with negative beliefs, mostly of which you are unaware.

These negative beliefs, the ones that affect you deeply and in an on-going manner, are derived during your early childhood, from the ages of 0 – 6 years of age. Without going into these in great details you can read about this in The Ultimate Guide to Letting Go and Moving On (In 2019)

Personally, I hate pain, especially emotional pain. So, for me, it is important, on an on-going, to address these types of issues that stem from these negative beliefs.

Just to give you an example, and many people have this negative belief. One of mine is that I have felt “not good enough”. This has led to all kinds of habits and behaviours. So, in order to address this and to relieve the emotional pain that this belief causes me, I seek professional help.

The other thing with these beliefs is that by having them, you attract into your aura, on many unknown levels, situations and people who contribute to your lack of energy or mis-directed energy. If you do not deal with what is in those other layers, your vibration will continue to be affected negatively, and will continue to deplete your energy.


Solution: My secret weapon to massively boosting and increasing your energy levels, is to engage professional therapists who will help you release the energy around those negative beliefs, and also the negative energy contained within your aura.

You need to be able to release any energetic ties that you have to people, situations, memories etc – anything that is holding you back, and generally, of which you are unaware.

The easiest, most simple thing you can do, is to engage a therapist who will clear those energetic patterns for you. These energy patterns block our progress. Releasing these patterns will free you to be able to move forward.

And. The best part is that you do nothing.

And. Here is my secret weaponry of professional therapists: my kinesiologist and my energy release therapist. There are kinesiologists in any city in the world. However, there may not be specific energy release therapists who will be able to help you. Here is my secret energy release therapist: Go to: www.raw energies.com.au

5. Step 3: RENEW – How to Boost Energy Fast

Continuing on with our analogy of building your new house, in step three, since we have cleared and excavated what needs to be rid of, your body/mind will be ready, as will your new house, for you to construct your new foundations. When you’ve repaired the block and released the gunk your body/mind will be operating at a higher vibration. This means that you will more easily be able to construct your new foundations for the rest of your life. This is step three, of my model – RENEW.

how to boost energy naturally with food – wellness that works

RENEW – is where we help you activate your cellular activity, such that you will increase vitality, and help change your body/mind, to a permanent positive vibration. This step is about helping you keep vigilant using a combination of different techniques. You will need to take some action daily, or on a very regular basis.

This step is about helping you boost energy and vitality more on the physical level. It is about: choosing, moving and then improving. It is about choosing the right foods, doing some kind of mild exercise and drinking more water. It also involves repairing your gut health for maximum results.

This step is about choosing optimal proteins, increasing your vegetables, adding more fruit, and generally eating less over time, once you have detoxed, and corrected the nutritional deficiency in your gut, that has caused your lack of energy.

The gut dictates thoughts and feelings because it is comprised of millions of critters, who, if left alone, will govern how you think and feel. I have found that one of the major effects of this village of critters is that the havoc they wreak, can affect how you sleep, massively. They can literally keep you awake at night.

There are a number of things you can do, or specifically take, to help resolve those issues. You need to be able to reduce the number of bad guys v good guys. You have to kill off and eliminate them, and then, repopulate your gut with several strains of good bacteria.

To massively boost your energy levels within 30 days, involves changing the composition of your gut flora. Without going into too much detail, stress creates havoc within your body, your mind and your gut. So, renewing the composition of your gut, and what you put into your mouth, surprisingly, will help you, at both the physical and emotional levels.


My Solution for that is twofold: a. you need to detox and b. you need to repopulate. For a. I use a bioactive carbon or charcoal supplement and for b. I take a probiotic supplement. Both of these supplements I take before bed time. Together will better food choices, drinking more water and doing some mild exercise, you will be able to renew your body/mind at the cellular level.

It’s about little steps. These little steps add up and can make a huge difference in changing your mood and hence your vitality.

Seriously, all of these three steps above, whether taken individually, or together, will make so much difference to your life and help you boost energy, enormously. And. All within a very short period of time!

They are guaranteed to work!

N.B. re the following Steps 4 and 5: These steps of the From Stress to Success Model of Wellness can be taken at a later stage, once you have learnt how to boost your energy at the emotional and physical levels.

The first three steps make take a minimum of 30 days and up to 42 days.

The time frame for Steps 4 and 5 will evolve, over time.

6. Step 4: RECREATE – Your Wellness Plan on How to Boost Your Energy – Understanding Who You Are

Continuing on with our analogy of building your new house from the ground up, in step four, we now want to architecturally design the overall look and feel of your house and how many rooms there are, like a floor plan, that suits the block and how you want to live. It’s like your new structure to life. These are your new foundations. And this is your new house. This is step four, of my model – RECREATE.

recreate the life you want to boost energy – wellness that works

RECREATE – is where we help you understand who you are at a very deep level, and come to know your innate skills, talents and abilities. We help you to know your path, your purpose, and your values so that you gain clarity and focused direction. Having completed all of the energy clearing work in the first three steps, this step will help solidify what you need to be doing and what path you need to take, in order to be in flow. You will have a clear sense of knowing.

Recreate is about understanding who you are, your personality style, what type of work would suit you best and how to get into flow. I believe that you will not be able to appreciate this unless and until you have cleared yourself of the issues affecting you in levels 1 – 3, Repair, Release and Renew.

Over time, people’s expression of who they are and what they stand for has been suppressed, by a number of forces. When you suppress your expression, your very essence at a soul level, your energy will become suppressed and depleted also. Eventually you lose who you are.

You do not understand what your natural talents, skills and gifts are. You lose your identify of self.

Understanding who you are at your core will help you free up both your mental and spiritual aspects. It will allow you to move towards your true path and purpose.


A Solution: to understand what’s good to boost your energy is, to take a couple of personality profiling tests, to help you narrow down your focus on what you need to be concentrating on in your career and in your life generally. Being in the right job and doing the right kind of work is key to personal success in life. This will automatically boost your energy because you will have freed yourself from those unknown constraints that have held you back from expressing your soul’s desires.

7. Step 5: RECLAIM – The Final Step in Your Overall Wellness Plan

This final step in the analogy of building your new house from the ground up is step five, of constructing your new life, building your new house, you now want to be very specific about how each individual room will look, what furniture they have what the overall individual design, look and feel will be. It’s like defining your goals very specifically, and this is step five, of my model – RECLAIM. 

reclaim your life to boost energy – wellness that works

This is where you reap the benefits of your hard labour and enjoy what you have set in motion and you can expect to achieve what you desire at that final level.

RECLAIM – is where we help you reclaim your birthright which is success on any level. Only at this final level will you be truly clear about who you are and what you really want. You will then be able to set goals easily and effortlessly and the results will race towards you at great speed.

Step 5, Reclaim, is where you will be able to set and achieve goals because those things which have hindered your progress have been released or resolved. You will then understand yourself more fully and the goals you set will be more meaningful to that new you. Therefore, the chance of success will have increased enormously.

When you have cleared yourself emotionally and physically, and then undertaken step 4, you will then be ready to be able to attract what you truly desire into your life. Why? Because you will have cleared all of the gunk out that has been holding you back. This will have necessitated in you boosting your energy naturally throughout the whole process.


Solution: the final step in your overall Wellness Plan is to set goals that you truly desire, based on who you are, what you desire and how your new life has evolved, in the process of clearing out all of this gunk. Because you will have cleared away this gunk, you will find that your goals will move towards you at great speed.

Why? Because you will have boosted your energy levels and increased your positive vibration to such a level that nothing will get in your way.

How good is that?

This last step will not only boost your energy further, it will enhance, primarily, your spiritual level, which will, by default, also enhance the mental, emotional and physical levels.

Where to Now?

In this article you have learnt that the first step is, to have a wellness plan to boost energy.

Steps 1 and 2 are guaranteed to help you achieve how to boost energy fast, and mostly within a short period of time.

Step 3 you learnt that to enhance that process of boosting energy naturally, you needed to choose better food and gut health options and what to take to boost your energy levels.

These steps are guaranteed to work as they have been scientifically proven, and sometimes, within the first week.

To cement this increased energy, my recommendation was to implement Steps 1, 2 and 3 for up to 42 days.

Steps 4 and 5 can follow some time later.

What will you do?

No one can do this for you. A decision needs to be made. Your choice.

This is the easiest way I know, and have personally tried, to boost energy fast, and continue to do so.

If you’ve enjoyed reading about these steps in an overall wellness plan and now understand the components of the“must have” wellness formula ingredients, please do leave a comment or share this with others interested in this topic.

Blessings! To your continued personal success in life.

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