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Resilience Training for Individuals to Increase Mental Health and Wellbeing

This Mental Health and Wellbeing Course utilises “The Stressed Immune System – Boost Wellness Bridge” Technique.

As originally stated, this course is designed Specifically for People With Stress Issues That
Weaken The Immune System That Leads to Feelings of Overwhelm, Worry and Conflict…

This particular offering is a Beta Testing Course and therefore the investment in this course is considerably less than it will be, at a later date.


What you will get: $
  • The Repair Your Physiology Workbook which helps you
    measure and monitor your progress each week – valued at
  • The Emotional Diagnostic Tool Workbook which helps
    You measure your starting position on many levels
    -valued at
  • 6 Weeks of Tuition – theory, classes, participation and
    feedback and measurement of your individual progress
    -valued at
  • A Bonus Week 7 – summary, overview, and where to now
    and how to maintain the progress made… valued at
  • Bonus: Personal access to Celine via telephone and
    email for your individual needs and queries to be
    answered for up to a further 6 weeks after the initial course
    … valued at
Total Value    $ 950 /-


The total value of this course is $950. However, for this Beta Course we are offering the course at a special discounted price of $380, for this first course. This is about a 66% savings. The price will go up for later versions, so make sure you get in first.

There are two payment options available: Paid in Full, which also has an added bonus for early payment. And, the Pay by 2 x Instalments Option.


Payment Options:


Paid In Full

  1. This Beta Course is being offered at an investment of $380 today, which includes all of the above and the bonuses.
    As an added incentive to take up this offer now, you can save even further, with a full payment of only $330.

Click the P I F Button below now, for this added bonus offer


Pay by 2 x Instalments

2. For those people who want to pay in Two Instalments, the total price is$380, with the first instalment of$180, and the second instalment of $200, due 4 days before the start of the course

Click here for the Pay by Instalments Option

**Please Note: In all instances, if you are unable to attend this course, and do not give a five-day notice of non-attendance, then a non-refundable amount of $50 will be charged, as Work Books need to be ordered and paid for, in advance, for each participant.

If, for some reason after attending the first workshop, you find that this course is not for you, then an amount $150, will be withheld/not be refunded, as someone else has missed out on doing the course.

** Requirements for Participants of this Beta Testing Course:

Participants in this initial Beta Testing Course will be asked to complete feedback forms, give summaries of their progress each week and at the end of the course, provide feedback on what could be improved/changed, and to give a testimonial on their progress/success at the end of the course – either written or via video. Data gathered will be placed onto the website for other potential participants to read.

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